M-200i System Program (Ver.1.052)

How to tell the version
Please check the version of the system working on your M-200i before downloading the archive file.
  1. Press [ SETUP ] to invoke the setup screen.
  2. Turn the [ VALUE ] knob to select "INFO," then press the [ ENTER ] button.
  3. INFORMATION in the display indicates the versions of your unit.
    • System Version : Version of the system
    • Panel Version : Firmware version of the panel unit
* Don't perform the update if the product is already up-to-date.

Version history
[ Ver.1.052 ] MAY 2017
Bug Fix
The following bug was fixed.
  • Depending on the timing of power-up, in rare cases, the L/R level balance is disrupted.

    Version compatible with M-200i RCS
    For M-200i RCS, please continue to use the following versions.
    • M-200i RCS Ver.1.051 for Windows
    • M-200i RCS Ver.1.051 for macOS / OS X
[ Ver.1.051 ] JUL 2016
Bug Fix
The following bug was fixed.
  • Problems in network functioning were corrected.
    • The SUBNET MASK setting for LAN cannot be set to a value other than " ."
    • The displayed value of the IP ADDRESS setting for LAN is sometimes not updated when the setting for IP ADDRESS is made.
    • When a passphrase whose length is outside the standard range is entered, subsequent connection to an access point is impossible.
    • After repeatedly starting and ending a Telnet connection, making a Telnet connection becomes impossible.
Functionality Improvement
  • The connection stability between the M-200i and the iPad has been improved.
[ Ver.1.050 ] MAY 2016
Bug Fix
The following bug was fixed.
  • RS-232C commands for gain control (PGC and PGQ) did not function correctly.
Functionality Improvements
  • New library data (St.REVERB) was added to the effect library.
  • MAIN send, delay switch, and delay time control commands were added to the RS-232C commands.
[ Ver.1.040 ]
Bug Fix
The following bug was fixed.
  • The problem was corrected under which audio signals sent to the M-200i were not input correctly when connected as follows.
    • M-200i REAC MODE: SLAVE
    • M-200i at one of REAC ports 1 through 4 on the S-4000M
    • S-4000S at REAC port A on the S-4000M (REAC MODE: MASTER)
Functionality Improvement
  • Support for the DOCK cable (Lightning connector) has been enabled.
  • Motor fader control has been improved.
[ Ver.1.030 ]
Bug Fix
The following bug was fixed.
  • The problem of REAC link-up failing when REAC MODE was set to MASTER ( EXTERNAL CLOCK ) was corrected.
Functionality Improvement
  • The time required for the following functions to become usable after powerup was shortened from approximately 50 seconds to approximately 20 seconds.
    • Communication with an iPad over a dock cable
    • Communication with an iPad over a wireless LAN
    • Communication via wired LAN, RS-232C, MIDI
[ Ver.1.021 ]
Bug Fixes
The following bugs were fixed.
  • When a project file is loaded, the following settings are not applied.
    • Setting of DOCK L or DOCK R assigned to a channel of the input patchbay
    • Output setting set to DOCK L or DOCK R of the output patchbay
  • After the power is turned on, noise is produced for a moment from the input jack whose +48 V phantom power is on.
  • If the following conditions are met and the [SOLO] button of M-200i itself is pressed, the cooperation between M-200i and M-200i Remote (iPad App) does not work properly.
    • When M-200i Remote (iPad App) and "Sync knob and switch" are on and connected
    • When "CH-SELECT FOLLOWS [SOLO]" of USER PREFERENCE of M-200i itself is on
  • When the scene is recalled from M-200i RCS, the display of the current scene number of M-200i Remote (iPad App) is not changed.
[ Ver.1.020 ]
* Please read "M-200i Owner's Manual Supplement" ( M-200i_AddedFunc_e01.pdf ) for details of this software.
  • S-4000M control functions have been added
    From the M-200i, you can control the following functions on an S-4000M connected to the M-200i's REAC port.
    • Merge Patchbay operations
    • Output Patchbay operations
    • Auto Map operations
    • PORT 4 Split Merged Inputs operations
    • Saving/Loading input/output settings files
  • The REAC screen has been changed
    Along with the added functionality for controlling the S-4000M, the REAC screen has changed.
    Settings for the REAC mode are made at the newly added REAC MODE screen.
  • V-LINK source channels have been added.
    The following channels have been added to the channels that accommodate V-LINK sources.
    • MAIN L/R
    • AUX 1-8
    • MTX 1-4
    • DCA GROUP 1-8
  • New functionality has been added for MIDI send.
    It is now possible to send MIDI control changes during scene recall.
    * This is enabled only when "FADER, MUTE CHANGE (CC)" at the MIDI SEND SETTING screen is set to ON.
[ Ver.1.010 ]
Additional Functions
* Please read "M-200i Owner's Manual Supplement" ( M-200i_AddedFunc_e01.pdf ) for details of this software.
  • New functionality has been added for monitoring.
    • Dimmer function
  • New functionality has been added to scene memory.
    • The Global Scope function
    • The Recall Safe function
  • New functionality has been added to the user buttons.
    • EDIT GEQ
  • Added the following functions for the RS-232C control.
    Please refer to the "V-Mixer RS-232C Reference version 2.1 ( V-Mixer_RS-232C_v21_e01.pdf )" for detailed information.
    • Control command
      - Monitor dimmer on/off
      - USB memory recorder transport
      - USB memory recorder locate
      - Song select
    • Request command
      - Monitor dimmer request
      - USB memory recorder status request
      - USB memory recorder current position request
      - Song number request
      - Song name request
      - Recording remain time request
  • DCA group operation via MIDI control change message has been added.
    Please refer to "M-200i MIDI Implementation ( M-200i_MIDI_e02.pdf ) " for detailed information.
  • Telnet server functions have been added.
    Telnet server functions control the M-200i via a LAN (TCP/IP protocol).
    Please refer to "M-200i Telnet Reference ( M-200i_Telnet_e01.pdf ) " for detailed information.
Bug Fixes
The following bugs were fixed.
  • When a scene memory was recalled, some settings of the output patchbay might not be restored.
  • After turning the power on, MONITOR LEVEL was always -Inf dB.
  • When the REAC setting was set to SLAVE, the preamp settings of M-200i seemed to be controllable from the connected REAC device.
  • When the wireless-LAN connection between an iPad and M-200i was disconnected due to the poor signal condition, reconnection by wireless LAN or DOCK cable was unable to be established.
  • When the "Sync Knob and Switch" setting was ON, the change of the user fader settings from M-200i Remote was not applied soon.

How to download and expand the archive file
Download the file named "m200i_sys_v1052.zip".
It is an archive file in zip format, please double click on the file to expand. After expanding the file, the folder "m200i_sys_v1052" holding the file "M-200i.PRG" will be appeared.

How to update
Please install the system program " M-200i.PRG" to the M-200i by following the process below.
Important notice: Never turn the M-200i off during the update process, or M-200i won't reboot correctly any more.

  1. Put the "M-200i.PRG" at the root folder of the USB memory key.
  2. Insert the USB memory key to USB MEMORY connector.
  3. Boot the M-200i.
  4. In the top panel's DISPLAY section, press [SETUP] button.
  5. At the SETUP screen, select "SYSTEM UPDATE" and press [ENTER] button.
    Confirmation message will be displayed.
  6. Press [ENTER] button to start the update process.
  7. When the following message is displayed, you will swap the USB memory key to USB WLAN ADAPTOR connector.
  8. Progress message is displayed.
  9. At the end of the process, the message "UPDATE COMPLETED. PLEASE REBOOT." will be appeared.
    Now, reboot the M-200i.