Online Video Platform Brandlive Streamlines Its Workflow with Roland VR-4HD

Live interactive video platform Brandlive is a vehicle for brands and retailers to interact with their audiences for training, marketing and e-commerce use cases, with a software platform that clients can use to execute live video events and pre-recorded video-based training events. Recently, Brandlive added a key element to its digital production workflow with the Roland VR-4HD All-in-One AV Switcher.

Ethan Burke, Director of Production, Brandlive, notes, “We’re using the Roland VR-4HD for our live productions. This product has been great for us. One of the features that I love is just being able to bring all of our camera sources into this unit via HDMI, monitor our shots on the multi-viewer, and be able to live-switch between them, and then being able to send out the live switched feed via USB3 directly into a laptop for encoding and broadcast. Having the integrated audio mixer with the Roland just simplifies our workflow overall. At Brandlive, our customers expect a seamless and professional experience, and the Roland VR-4HD is a production tool that helps us deliver on that promise.”

Brandlive recently streamed and produced a live, interactive product training for Danner boots who recently shipped new platforms into Cabela’s stores. The VR-4HD AV Switcher was used to mix audio sources, video cameras and then sent that AV signal through the USB3 port to a computer for encoding and streaming to Brandlive’s video platform.

Brandlive studios in Portland used the Roland VR-4HD to stream a new product training event for Danner footwear.

Brandlive studios in Portland used the Roland VR-4HD to stream a new product training event for Danner footwear.

“In an industry where it is key to differentiate yourself, Brandlive’s online video platform is a phenomenal tool because we can get our message to a wide range of people using live interactive video”, states Ryan Cade, National Account Manager for Lacrosse Footwear Inc.

Fritz Brumder, CEO & Co-Founder, Brandlive, remarks, “Everything comes down to how good the experience is for the viewer on the other end, and so we connect together live video, real-time interaction or chat from the audience, and e-commerce and product merchandising features. When we go onsite with the customer, we want it to be great every single time. Our customers expect that from us. And so having that reliability is really important to us.”