Customize Your Control

The ability to extend your control over the M-5000 using dedicated applications or third party control over GPI/O, serial or network control are unparalleled and allow you to customize your M-5000 interface experience.  Wireless control applications range from the convenience and simplicity of accessing “go-to” features using the M-5000 iPad Remote App to the power of accessing all console parameters using the RCS software on a Surface tablet, or Mac/PC connected via WiFi.

Remote Control Software

The M-5000 RCS offers real-time remote control of the M-5000 and M-5000C from a connected Mac or PC. More than just an offline editor or external monitor connection. The Remote Control Software allows for the creation of a fully customizable and seamless extension of the console, supporting independent control by the same or a second operator.

Seamless Extension

The M-5000 RCS user interface design and workflow is identical to the M-5000 console interface. For M-5000 operators, there are no new workflows to learn. Real-time changes made at the console fully translate to the RCS and vice versa. Whether for pre-event preparation, new user training or the ability to support a second operator or work zone, you don’t need to think about two user interfaces. Be it a PC or Mac, experienced or new operators, RCS maximizes your investment through common navigation and a seamless extension of your console.

M-5000 Series Console Interface

M-5000 Series RCS Software for Mac/PC

Remote Control Local or From a Distance

In addition to being able to connect the M-5000 to a local Mac or PC using a USB cable or LAN cable, you can connect to the M-5000 using existing Ethernet infrastructure or even WiFi.  This opens up a whole new opportunity for a second point of control for operators. Combine the native power of the M-5000 and this true remote control and applications such as audio mix from a remote broadcast booth can be achieved without the need for a second console. With support for REAC, Dante, MADI and SDI protocols, a resulting mix or 5.1 surround feed and any other desired channels can be sent to the booth over Cat5e or Coax cable for embedding with video.

Customizable and Resizable Window Sets

Individual parameters can be “popped-out” to their own window so important elements of the mix are immediately available and each window can be individually resized to make best use of the computer’s desktop. There are almost no limits to the combination of individual windows and views a user can choose and even multiple parameters of the same channel can have their own window.   The M-5000 RCS also supports creating “Window sets” so the parameter windows and their layout can be instantly changed by recalling a “Window set” which is incredibly useful for seeing important parameters when changing bands, songs or acts in a play.

Touch Screen Ready and Extended Desktop Friendly

Windows 10 users will be thrilled with the ability to use their touch screen monitors or tablets to navigate the M-5000 RCS interface. You have the same intuitive workflow as you find on the built in 12” touch screen of the M-5000. And for those that just need ‘more’, then take advantage of the extended desktop feature and the customizable window sets of RCS and you have, more!

Touch Screen Monitor

Tablet PC

Extended Desktop

Offline Console Setup / Management

The ability to set-up or edit your console project prior to and between shows is invaluable. The M-5000 RCS can also be used as an offline editor. Console Projects can be imported and saved to USB memory for easy transfer to and from the console and make “fly-dates” a breeze where a rental M-5000 is being used in the next city.

M-5000 Remote App

iPad with M-5000 Remote Control Software

Remote control using an iPad


The dedicated M-5000 Remote app provides ultimate portability to many of the goto mix features of M-5000. Any of three methods can be used for connecting the iPad: a) wired hookup using the Dock connector, b) through a router connected to the LAN port, or c) direct ad-hoc connection using a wireless USB LAN adapter.  Also, when dock connected, stereo recording and stereo playback is possible to the iPad.


M-5000 Remote Control Software IconM-5000 Remote

Dedicated iPad app for remote control. Free download from the

App Store.


External control using GP I/O


The rear panel is equipped with eight GP I/O input connectors (including TRS phone jacks) and 12 GP I/O output connectors for external control. Latch and momentary settings are possible. These can be used for beginning CD playback on fader start and preventing incorrect operation while live on the air. They also make possible a wide range of control, including setting delay times by tapping, switching monitor speakers on and off by means of an external cough switch, monitor interrupts with dimmer during talkback, and more.

Roland M-5000 Footswitch and GP I/O Ports

RS-232 MIDI and Remote

A variety of built-in control interfaces, including RS-232C, MIDI, and Remote


OHRCA offers full support for RS-232C, MIDI, and other control command systems. The Remote connector allows remote operation over a LAN connection from a Windows or Mac computer using the RCS program.


Support for word clock input and output


Roland M-5000 Word Clock Ports


The console is equipped with a word clock connector, essential for system configurations using multiple digital devices.

Roland M-5000 RS-232C,  MIDI and LAN Ports

Roland M-5000 Light PortLamp connector


The console is equipped with an XLR-4-31 type connector for supplying power to a third-party gooseneck lamp (DC 12 V/500 mA).

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