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Roland M-5000 Live Mixing Console

The most exciting console line available is now fully integrated with the best personal mixer on the market.  No longer will musicians be disconnected from the valuable mixing experience of the console operator.  No longer will the engineer have to run to the stage for a musician in need of help with their mix. The streamlined interface built into ORCHA Series consoles creates a truly dynamic monitor mixing solution for musicians and audio engineers alike.

M-48 The World’s Best Personal Mixer

The M-48 is regarded as the best personal mixing solution available and is used by the biggest names in theater, broadcast, and house of worship.  The M-48s provide musicians the freedom to organize 40 common sources into 16 stereo groups in the way they want for their M-48.  The M-48s are designed with sound quality in mind operating at 96kHz with 3 band EQ per group, built-in reverb the musician can control, and an ambient mic to add some local sound into their mix.  The M-48s put the musician’s needs first.  What else would you expect from Roland?

40 Common Sources

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M-48 Management Control

Real-time control of the M-48 personal mixers is done through the console’s built-in interface.  Here, you can control each unit’s 40 channel mixer, assign and group those 40 channels to 16 stereo groups in a unique way for each musician, and control each of the musicians mixes remotely from the M-5000.  The mixing parameters of the M-48 can be mapped to the M-5000, streamlining the workflow.  These functions include mixing the M-48’s channels using the M-5000’s faders, and adjusting group mix and EQ settings on the M-5000’s rotary encoders.

The M-48 Manager window can be accessed from the Main Menu. All M-48 units connected to the network, whether they are on REAC A or B appear here. Definable names make it easy to identify an individual M-48 and access it’s SETUP window. The Engineer’s Monitor can be assigned here, and once done, any other unit on the network that is highlighted will be mirrored by that M-48.”

Once inside a particular M-48’s Setup window, the OVERVIEW tab will allow the engineer to mix the levels of the 40 sources, as well as control group functions remotely.  All other settings of the M-48 can be monitored.  Adjustments can easily be made using the encoders right below the touchscreen, and the faders of the OHRCA console when ON FADER is engaged.

The ASSIGN tab, found in each M-48’s Setup window, allows the grouping of sources in the unique way desired by each musician for their M-48.  The 40 common sources will be listed at the left, and the 16 stereo subgroups that the musician will control are at the top.  Naming of the groups can be done here as well, allowing for quick assignment and instant recognition by the engineer when adjusting a musician’s mix from the OHRCA console.

Engineer’s Monitor

An M-48 personal mixer can be connected locally to the console via the powered SPLIT REAC port on the M-5000 Series consoles.  This unit can then be assigned as ENGINEERS MONITOR, which allows at the touch of a finger, the unit to mirror any musician’s M-48 out on the network.  Now the engineer can hear exactly what the musician is hearing, and fix their mix in real time, all without ever leaving the console.

Recall Presets on M-48’s from M-5000 Scenes

The M-48 personal mixers have the ability to save 16 memories.  These can be saved either locally by the musician, or from the console by the mix engineer.  Additionally, these memories can be linked to the console’s scenes.  When a scene is recalled, the same memory preset will be recalled on all of the M-48’s so everyone’s mix is exactly as it was when the scene was saved. This allows for rapid recall of setups for both FOH and musicians or setups varying between theatrical acts or band changes.

The 16 Memories available to each M-48 can be stored and recalled remotely from the OHRCA Console individually, or for all M-48s at the same time.  Additionally, the Store and Recall functionality local to each M-48 can be turned off by the engineer per unit, securing all memory control to only the console operator.  Memories can also be named for easy recognition.”

M-48 Memories can be correlated with OHRCA console scenes.  Now, when a scene is recalled, all the M-48s on the network will recall to the M-48 Memory number assigned to the scene.  This allows musicians to enjoy customized mixes for each song, musical number, theatrical act, etc. This is also a great feature to use when different musical groups will be using the same equipment.

Two Unique M-48 Worlds

With the new M-5000 Series consoles, the M-48 personal mixers can be connected to either the REAC A network, or REAC B network.  This allows two different sets of 40 sources that can feed the M-48s. Now you can affect two unique worlds of M-48s creating even further customization possibilities…and we didn’t think the system could get any more powerful!

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