Compact 4-Channel Video Mixer


The V-1 brings video mixing to an entirely new customer...Anyone.  The V-1 is the simplest way to mix between up to 4 video sources.  With 12 large, back-lit buttons and three knob controls, the V-1 offers all the essential functions and features required for live video mixing without a lot of the extra effects of the V-4.  The V-1 makes the entire process of mixing multiple video sources simple by giving every function it?s own button or know.  There are no menus to deal with, making the V-1 extraordinarily simple.  With it, you can cut to different video sources, mix between them, wipe from one source to the next, and even use picture in picture.  But the simple control of the V-1 is not the only benefit.  The V-1 offers very clean, high-quality video processing and offers both composite and S-Video in/out for professional results whether in use in a small room, small venue or large arena.

The V-1 includes V-LINK, which allows the user to control it directly from any V-LINK compatible MIDI device, making the integration of Video into your music performance easy, rich and completely controllable from a keyboard or groovebox.

Switching of multiple video images and composite imaging using multiple video sources.

The V-1 can smoothly switch multiple video cameras (Cut, Mix, Wipe, PinP) or can mix 2 different images using the fader.


Using the V-1 in conjunction with the P-1 (Title Player), you can insert pictures or titles as well as switching video images. In addition, the V-1 is equipped with an independent channel (Channel 4) that enables composite titling through the video out of your PC.

Hi quality and stable video image

Completely digital internal processing offers very high quality video images equivalent of that of DV quality.  The V-1 is equipped with 2 individual frame synchronizers to enable smooth, stable, and noiseless video switching video image.

Easy operation, portability, and affordable price

The V-1 is simple enough for anyone to use without any background in video mixing.  It also has large back-light controls for easy use in low-light environments.


Like its big brother?s the V-4 & LVS-400, the V-1 can be controlled through V-Link by any V-Link capable MIDI device, such as the Roland MC-909 or  PCR-30.


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