Realtime HD Multi-Format Video Presenter


Multi-format video player with 1080p output quality

The PR-100HD is the next generation HD version of the popular PR Video Presenter Series. Multi-Format video player with 1080p output quality. The Roland PR series user interface is intuitive and easy to use.


Quick Response & Easy Operation

Operating the PR-1000HD is extremely easy as already made popular by Roland’s line of existing video presenters (DV-7PR, PR-50/80). Assigning clips, triggering, speed control, audio levels and other functions can be easily executed via the intuitive thumbnail graphical user interfaces.

Supports Multiple Video Formats

The PR-1000HD video presenter supports multiple image formats including HD (1080i and 720p) and SD video as well as still images. Regardless of the original format, the PR-1000HD outputs video from the DVI-I terminal in a variety of HD, or RGB formats.

Playback Full-Resolution Video in Real-time

pr1000hd_hdd_reliableThe playback of video content or still images from the PR-1000HD is instantaneous and perfect for any situation requiring on demand playback of video with “mission-critical” reliability.

Large-capacity HDDs and Reliable system

A maximum of 20 hours of video material can be captured to one HDD. Two HDD slots on the PR-1000HD enables data management features, copy and backup. *Minimum one HDD is required.

Materials can be imported from disc media (CD/DVD), USB Storage or over the network. The system files are installed in Solid-State memory making playback and operation stable and reliable.

Built-in Scheduler and support for external controls

A built-in software scheduler allows content to be played by specific time, date, day of the week and month. Playback, Power OFF and other parameters can be remotely controlled from external devices using RS-232C or MIDI.

VC series expands Multi-Format output options

Combine the PR-1000HD with the VC-300HD / VC-200HD Multi-Format Video Converter to expand input/output formats to HD/SD-SDI, RGB formats, etc.


Flexible and intuitive video presentation system

Touch panel display provides a more intuitive operation. The V-440HD Multi-Format Video Mixer accepts the HD signal from the DVI-D/RGB port on the PR-1000HD. The V-440HD also accepts HD cameras and computer formats.

Example Configuration


Video Format
Audio Format
16bit 48kHz(Stereo)
Video Input(FRONT/REAR)
IEEE1394(6pin type x 2)
HDV: 1080i, 720p
*Supported frame rates differ according to regional specification.
Audio Input(6pin type x 2)
HDV: MPEG-1 Layer2 16bit 48kHz 384kbps(stereo)
DV : Liner PCM 16bit 48kHz(stereo)
Video Output
DVI-I(29pin type)
- Digital 1920x1080/59.94p, 1920x1080/59.94i
1280x720/59.94p, 1920x1080/29.97p
1920x1200/60Hz, 1280x1024/60Hz
1280x960/60Hz, 1024x768/60Hz, 640x480/60Hz
- Analog
1920x1080/59.94i, 1280x720/59.94p,
1920x1200/60Hz, 1280x1024/60Hz
1280x960/60Hz, 1024x768/60Hz, 640x480/60Hz

- Digital
1920x1080/50p, 1920x1080/50i
1280x720/25p, 1920x1080/25p
1920x1200/50Hz, 1280x1024/75Hz
1280x960/75Hz, 1024x768/75Hz, 640x480/75Hz
- Analog
1920x1080/50i, 1280x720/50p,
1920x1200/50Hz, 1280x1024/75Hz
1280x960/75Hz, 1024x768/75Hz, 640x480/75Hz

*Supported frame rates differ according to regional specification.
Audio Output
RCA Pin(Stereo)
Display Output
DVI-I(29pin type)
Digital(RGB): 1024x768(fixed)
Analog(RGB) : 1024x768(fixed)
System Program: Solid-State DriveProject Data: Slot x 2 for Removable HDD(HDD-250)DVD Multi-Drive: Still/Video data
Control Interfaces
LAN: 10/100/1000 Base-T x 1RS-232C x 1MIDI In/OutUSB 4(for Card Reader, Mouse, Keyboard,Storage, Optional Touch Panel Display)
Power Supply
AC117V, AC230V, AC240V(50/60Hz)
Power Cord, Owner's Manual
Optional Item
Hard Disk Drive: HDD-250
Size and Weight
482 mm
19 inches
500 mm
19-11/16 inches
177 mm
7 inches
15.2 kg
33 lbs. 9 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.


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