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With a direct feel for edits, a more intuitive editing process is at the heart of the Direct Linear concept

Direct Linear Editing

Direct Linear editing is a hybrid of non-linear and linear editing. Focusing on creativity and productivity, a Direct Linear digital editing environment offers the unique timing and flow benefits that come from live switching or “linear” editing as well as the benefits of non-destructive or “non-linear” editing. Supporting a truly natural editing work flow, not unlike working with audio, a Direct Linear environment from Roland features an intuitiveness, ease of use and stability essential to an editing professional.

A more intuitive editing process is at the heart of the Direct Linear concept

With a focus on creativity and productivity, Direct Linear editors from Roland bring outstanding stability, ease-of-use and expressiveness. They offer a world without loss or interruption that combines the feel of linear editing with the flexibility of non linear editing. A world where the edit comes first, where the feel is real.

The DV-7DL Series supports the pursuit of excellence in editing as a stand-alone machine. As a stand-alone machine, the DV-7DL Series offers no compromise in operation, high quality video, maximum expression and reliability. Benefits include professional, stress free, operation and timely results. Avoiding downtime and supporting creativity is the way to go.

Non-stop editing provides continuous creativity

Most operations can be done from a single menu! The world leading first Non-stop editing system makes it easy to edit your ideas while playing back the video. In addition, most of the operations can be made from a single user-friendly edit menu screen.

The Titler enhances the creativity and quality of your video.

DV-7DL offers two title tracks, each supporting separate titles. You can also create a variety of titles by using the "Text" function that offers multiple fonts and styles: the "Graphic" function that offers a straight line, curved line, ellipse, and square formats; the "Background" function that offers your choice of background images; and the " Title in/out " function that sets the points of title in and out. Additionally, picture images and text can be imported using a memory card, CD-ROM, or PC. The Titler supports 16:9 wide screen mode.

A/B Roll Editing and the T-Bar controller offers the intuitive feeling of linear editing.

Intuitive A/B Roll Editing is a key feature of Direct Linear where you can clearly feel the evolution of the Direct Linear concept.Two different video sources can be edited directly and simultaneously in 100% real time offering the live feel of linear editing.

Create vivid movement and depth from still images.

Versatile expression from still pictures. Photos from a digital camera or still images imported directly from CD-ROM or card reader can brought to life. Transition between specified points in a photo, or zooming or panning to a point can be achieved. By making these movements sequentially, you can create a very natural and vivid movie or scene.

Complete list of features for all models

Overview The most affordable Direct Linear System.
The basic level of Direct Linear with the most affordable price enables the most cost effective yet efficient workflow for your video editing. Can be upgraded to the PRO or PRO SE.
Revolutionize your editing workflow.
The standard of Direct Linear used in various applications such as broadcast, education, corporate video, and more. The world's first digital AB roll editing function will accelerate your production workflow. Can be upgraded to the PRO SE.
The top of the line Direct Linear system.
Contains fully advanced editing functions of Direct Linear. Various additional functions include Infinity Roll, Vari Speed, Advanced Title Effects and more.
AB Roll editing function - Yes Yes (Infinity Roll)
Zooming/panning of still image - Yes Yes (Expanded Version)
Transition effects 2 types 18 types 24 types
Filter effects 4 types 13 types 14 types
Composition effects 3 types 10 types 13 types
Audio effects 3 types (Single) 9 types (Single) 9 types (Double)
Title In/Out effects 5 types 5 types 13 types
Roll/crawl title - Yes Yes
Easy creation of audio cross fade - - Yes
Vari speed video FX creation - - Yes
Interval frame capture - - Yes
Mode selection of Audio CD preview - - Yes
Auto writing of recorded date as memo - - Yes
Vector scope & waveform monitor - - Yes
1 frame REC setup - - Yes
Write Record Date to material Memo - - Yes
Timeline Edit
A/B Roll - Yes Yes
Mixing part indication for ABC - - Yes
Direct Recording (Mic) Yes Yes Yes
Direct Recording (Line) - - Yes
Create Audio Fade - - Yes
Title Preview on editing screen (Big Thumbnail) - - Yes
Create video FX - Slow motion - Yes Yes
Create video FX - Fast motion - Yes Yes
Create video FX - Reverse motion - Yes Yes
Create video FX - Strobe motion - Yes Yes
Create video FX - Imagetrailer - Yes Yes
Create video FX - Reverse - Yes Yes
Create audio FX - Voice arranger - Yes Yes
Create audio FX - Normalize - Yes Yes
Create video material from timeline image - Yes Yes
Vari Speed - - Yes
Zoom Pan - Yes Yes
Presets for Zoom Pan - - Yes
Audio CD Capture DV-7DL G DV-7DL PRO DV-7DL PRO SE
Preview Position Bar - - Yes
Preview Option (select start position of preview playback) - - Yes
Naming Material - - Yes
Transition Effects
RT Dissolve Yes Yes Yes
RT Wipe Yes Yes Yes
RT Mater fade - Yes Yes
RT Slide - - Yes
RT Stretch - - Yes
RT Push out - - Yes
RT Zoom fade - - Yes
Page turn - Yes Yes
Alpha wipe - Yes Yes
Angled flight - Yes Yes
Rotation flight - Yes Yes
Zoom flip - Yes Yes
Slide - Yes Yes
Stretch - Yes Yes
Cross stretch - Yes Yes
Push out - Yes Yes
Cross zoom - Yes Yes
Swap - Yes Yes
Cross mosaic - Yes Yes
Page peel - Yes Yes
Diffuse - Yes Yes
Door - Yes Yes
Moving split - Yes Yes
Filter Effects DV-7DL G DV-7DL PRO DV-7DL PRO SE
RT Monotone Yes Yes Yes
RT Colorize Yes Yes Yes
RT Posterize Yes Yes Yes
RT Negative Yes Yes Yes
Film effect - Yes Yes
Sepia - Yes Yes
Mosaic - Yes Yes
Blur - Yes Yes
Reverse - Yes Yes
Rotate - Yes Yes
Spot - Yes Yes
Animation - Yes Yes
Magnifier (zooming selected part of image) - - Yes
Composition Effects
RT Double exposure - Yes Yes
RT PinP Yes Yes Yes
RT Luminace key Yes Yes Yes
RT Chroma key Yes Yes Yes
RT Split - Yes Yes
RT Twin screens - - Yes
RT Center image - - Yes
RT Crop - - Yes
Picture in picture (with detailed setup parameter : rendering) - Yes Yes
Chroma key (with detailed setup parameter : rendering) - Yes Yes
Luminance key (with detailed setup parameter : rendering) - Yes Yes
Crop (with detailed setup parameter : rendering) - Yes Yes
Swing - Yes Yes
Audio Effects DV-7DL G DV-7DL PRO DV-7DL PRO SE
RT 4 band EQ - Yes Yes
RT ALC/compressor - Yes Yes
RT Delay - Yes Yes
RT Limiter Yes Yes Yes
RT Mixer Yes Yes Yes
RT Reverb Yes Yes Yes
RT Pro reverb - Yes Yes
RT RSS - Yes Yes
RT Spreader - Yes Yes
Titler Effect
RT Fade Yes Yes Yes
RT Wipe Yes Yes Yes
RT Slide Yes Yes Yes
RT Bound Yes Yes Yes
RT Expansion - - Yes
Zoom - - Yes
V stretch - - Yes
H stretch - - Yes
Soft - - Yes
Zoom blur - - Yes
H stretch blur - - Yes
V stretch blur - - Yes
Title rotation - - Yes
Roll / Crawl - Yes Yes
Titler Functions DV-7DL G DV-7DL PRO DV-7DL PRO SE
Picturize Buttons - Yes Yes
Import Text - Yes Yes
Templates - Yes Yes
Video Waveform Monitor - - Yes
Vector scope - - Yes
Import Materials from Another Project - - Yes

All Configurations

Video Signal NTSC (PAL available via special order)
Video format DV/DVCAM
Video: IUT601(Y, Cr, Cb: 4:2:2:, 8bit)
Audio: sampling rate 48kHz, resolution 16bit
Video input/output DV(i-Link) IN/OUT (4-pin IEEE1394 jack x 2,)
S-Video input, mini DIN 4 pin x 1 (Y:1.0Vp-p, C:0.286Vp-p, 75ohm)
Video (composite) input,
RCA pin type x 1 (Y: 1.0Vp-p, 75ohm)
S-Video output mini DIN 4 pin x 1 (Y: 1.0Vp-p, C:0.286Vp-p, 75ohm)
Video (composite) output RCA pin type x 1
(Y: 1.0Vp-p)
Audio input/output Audio input (L, R) RCA pin type x 1
Audio output (L, R) RCA pin type x 1
Mic input TRS balanced 1/4î phone type
Headphones output (L, R) 1/4î type
Display output Analog RGB 1,024 x 768 (fixed), mini D-sub 15 pin
Memory device Internal hard drive 80GB.
Removable hard drive bay
(only for optional DV-HD series).
Interfaces PS/2 mini DIN 6 pin x 2 (ASCII keyboard and mouse).
Remote connection USB1.1 x 4 (DV-7DLC controller, DL-CR1 card reader or optional Roland MIDI devices).
Power AC100V 120V/AC220V-240V (50/60Hz) switchable.
Power Consumption 90W

Optical mouse (PS/2)
Mouse pad
AC cord
DV cable (1.5m)
Owner's manual

Size and Weight
Width 360 mm
Depth 420 mm
Height 130 mm
Weight 8.5kg
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.



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