Pedal Juice: Rechargeable 9V Power (available from Sanyo)


The SANYO KBC-9V3U Pedal Juice™ is equipped with high-capacity SANYO eneloop rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology in a portable, lightweight and reliable package that provides stable, long-lasting 9V power for various devices.

The Pedal Juice eliminates users from having to purchase, and then discard costly, single-use, batteries. The unit provides many hours of continuous, quiet, clean, stable power, even as the battery drains. It can be fully recharged in around 3.5 hours using the included AC adaptor.

Pedal Juice usage notes:

  • Power plug connects natively to any Roland field recorder powered by the PSB-1U power supply.
  • Supplies ~8 hours of continuous power to R-44, ~12 hours of continuous power to R-26 and ~3.5 hours of continuous power to R-4 Pro.
  • Continuous power times are estimates only; your actual record time will vary depending on unit settings, project environment and other factors.
  • It is best to set your Roland device's External Power menu setting to "Adapter" and use the Pedal Juice's colored LED as a guide to battery life remaining. When the Pedal Juice LED goes red, your record time is very limited and you’ll need to switch to internal batteries or seek alternative power.
  • Be sure to keep internal batteries in your unit to act as a backup should the Pedal Juice disconnect or run out of power.

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