PR-80: Realtime Video Presenter / Editor

Innovative realtime DV quality video presenter and editor


PR-80 Main Screen
Main Screen
PR-80 Edit Screen
Edit Screen
The PR-80 is one of the popular Roland PR Video Presenter Series. The PR-80 is a unique video display and performance system designed for video display or visual performances used in retail, concerts, churches, tradeshows, hotels, conventions centers and seminars. The internal hard-drive storage format is DV so display quality remains very high – ideal for plasma and large display applications. Playback of clips is instant and can be configured in preset sequences. Real-time presentations can be triggered on demand using a touchscreen, RS-232C device, MIDI controller, optional DV-7C controller, mouse or keyboard. The PR-80 is capable of streaming two high quality DV streams simultaneously that can be mixed internally without the need for an additional mixing unit. For ad display installations, the PR-80 contains a Scheduler for display management and is also networkable sharing content folders and clock adjustments remotely. Multiple PR-80s can be setup in a master/slave configuration for synchronized multiscreen applications. In addition, it can be turned into a stand-alone KIOSK via its customizable GUI.

The PR-80 also includes the full functionality of our DV-7DL Pro Direct Linear Editing system. The editing functions included with the PR-80 presenter allow one unit to both create and present content as well as make critical, last-minute changes to presentation content at a venue or event.

More Info

Play back high-quality video in Real Time
Play back and switch high-quality DV-format video images in real time.

A variety of Realtime Effects
Up to 4 types of realtime video effects like mirroring, colorize, posterise, etc... can be used simultaneously. Includes switching effects for smooth transitions between video images, control of playback speed, resetting of retrigger points, and more.

V-LINK Connection
Use the V-LINK function to exhibit video during musical performances, create virtual clips of live video sources with the V-8, or V-4 (video mixer) control, use the Presenter Control for simple and easy coordination of multiple PR-80s and more.

A variety of External Control Functions
Not only can you use the keyboard and mouse, you can use the RS-232C port, optional touch screen, or use the optional DV-7DL Controller, and more. In addition, import and export DV clips and user-define masks via LAN.

Dual-stream Playback Play back two pieces of video at the same time - cross dissolve, mix or even key one over the other (luminance and chroma keys are supported).

Automatic Operations with the Scheduler
Use the Scheduler to have the PR-80 automatically perform a variety of functions, such as playing back data, stopping, synchronizing times over a network, or starting up at a predetermined time.

8 types of Preset Masks - also user-definable.


8 types of Preset Convergence and Color bars


Multi-screen performance by controlling the PR-80 with a MIDI controller. Multi-Screen Setup Instructions.
The PR-80 can be controlled by MIDI note and program change information.
The PR-80 can also be controlled by the DV-7C, regular keyboard, and RS-232C control such as a touch screen.



Video Processing
Supported TV System
NTSC or PAL (Differing according to regional specifications)
Video Format
DV format
Audio Processing
Audio Format
PCM (16-bit, 48kHz)
Input/Output Connectors
Video input & output
DV jack (i.LINK), 4-pin type (IEEE1394)
Audio output
Headphones jack stereo 1/4 inch phone type
Audio input
1/4 inch phone type (Mono)
Video input & output
DV Jack (i.LINK), 4-pin type (IEEE1394)
Video input
S-Video 4-pin mini DIN type (Y: 1.0Vp-p, C: 0.286Vp-p, 75ohm), Composite RCA phono type (1.0Vp-p, 75ohm)
Video output
S-Video output 4-pin mini DIN type (Y: 1.0Vp-p, C:0.286Vp-p, 75ohm), Composite RCA phono type (1.0Vp-p, 75ohm), BNC type x 2 (1.0Vp-p, 75ohm)
Audio input
RCA phono type (L,R)
Audio output
RCA phono type (L,R)
Storage Devices
Internal Hard Disk Drive
80GB (for system program and data storage)
Expansion Slot
Removable Hard Disk 1 slot (for optional DV-HD series), CD-ROM Drive
PS/2 6-pin mini DIN type x 2 (for mouse and keyboard), LAN Port 10/100 Base-T x 1 (to import / export DV clips and bitmap masks)
Serial Port
RS-232C x 1
A type x 4 (for optional controller, card reader, and MIDI interfaces)
Display Output
HD DB-15 type (Analog RGB, resolution 1024 x 768 fixed), Optional touch screen when use with RS-232C
Power Supply
AC 117V, AC 230V, AC 240V (50/60Hz), AC 220V (60Hz)
Power Consumption
Mouse (PS/2), Mouse Pad, DV Cable, DV-7DLC Template Sheet
Video Editing Controller: DV-7DLC, Removable Hard Disk: DV-HD120, Card Reader, Edirol PCR keyboards (for V-LINK)
Size and Weight
360 mm
14-3/16 inches
420 mm
16-9/16 inches
130 mm
5-1/8 inches
8.5 kg
18 lbs. 12 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.


BigStuf Camps

BigStuf Camps

Nine DV-7PR's feed a ninety foot screen at Big Stuff Camps. What happens when you mix over 90' of screens, MIDI-controlled video and awesome content? Click for Details

Marco Tempest (Virtual Magician)

Marco Tempest (Virtual Magician)

Magician Marco Tempest uses the PR-80 to create interactive video illusions for his magic shows. Combining interactive technology such as the PR-80 with illusion in the twenty-first century, Virtual Magician Marco Tempest captivates audiences. Click for Details

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans

As their video presenter at football games, the Titans AV crew rely on the PR-80. An NFL team, the Tennessee Titans has a lot of high end gear such as Grass Valley switchers and yet they use the affordable presenter the PR-80, because it allows the Titan's video crew to do what they need to do, painlessly. Click for Details

The Willow Arts Conference 2005

The Willow Arts Conference 2005

At the Willow Arts Conference, Roland Systems Group (RSG) helped provide power-packed, creative renewal with super-wide image display technology. RSG along with one of its resellers, Video for Worship, supported the wide multiscreen display setup at the 2005 Willow Arts Conference. Click for Details

Christ the Redeemer Church

Christ the Redeemer Church

We have really loved integrating our PR-80 and V-440HD with our live worship services. We immediately saw a huge impact in the quality of the video signal to the projectors, let alone the flexibility it gave us during our praise and worship services. Click for Details

Yorba Linda Friends Church

Yorba Linda Friends Church

Andy Collins, Communications Director at YLFC comments, "Out of all of the different items we have included in our worship services, none have made the impact of real-time video. Congregation members have said it has taken their worship experience to the next level." Click for Details



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If you have a question about operating your product PR-80, please contact our Product Support department by phone or email.

Support Documents

PDF file PR-80 Block Diagram
Compressed ZIP file PR-80 Dimension DXF
PDF file PR-80 Owner's Manual
PDF file PR-80 Brochure
PDF file PR Series Multi-screen Setup